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Listening!Why NewsMice?

NewsMice is for everyone that cares about what is happening in the World, and cares enough to dig a little deeper than most current media. Only when we understand what is happening can we all choose to do the right things to make things better.

Of course, we can’t limit what you use NewsMice for, nor would we want to. Any pious admonitions to “do good” would, we feel, run contrary to our basic purpose of increasing the opportunity for free speech and the airing of all kinds of news, views, facts and opinions. We like to think that if people have more opportunity to express their true ideas, and speak more freely about the world and its events, then that must be a “good thing” and of benefit to society and the world as a whole.
We're still in pre-launch state; you can keep up with developments (sic) by following us on twitter: http://twitter.com/newsmice
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